Sunday, 13 July 2014

Four more fabulous pieces from the creative writing project...

Lady Of The Moonlit Night
Shivering, she stands on cold stone Gubberford Bridge,
Surveying the black waters of the River Wyre,
Calm on this moonlit August night. 

Across meadows, the fells
Of Fairsnape and Harris End
Are silhouettes against the brooding sky. 

The moon casts its silvery glow on the water
A thousand fragments of white light,
Pulsating with the rhythm of the river. 

Barefoot, she glides through dewy branch and bramble
Growing in abundance on the bank,
Free from the fetters of mortal custom. 

Tentative at first, she steps into the soothing waters
And holds her arms in supplication
To the full gaze of the moon’s scrutiny. 

‘Come home,’ she beseeches softly, tremulously,
Her heart and spirit scythed by the pain
Of love’s lost battle. 

There is no answer, save for the soft rustling of the trees
And the distant twinkling of a star,
Winking knowingly in ghostly silence.  
Angela Norris

The Gate Will Not Be Ignored 

Once purposed,
it stands alone,
bars hideous with weed,
catch flaking wild rust.

None enter or leave,
yet silently crying out:
Sentinel no more.
Barry McCann


Ice sheets shrunk back
from earth it bullied into mounds
melted into turbulent brown foam
that tiptoes to the edge of a memory
of a home for eleven pairs of small wet socks
Lindsay Mulholland


A  is  for  Aster   growing  pink  on  the  cliffs
B  is  for  Beach  exposed  and  bleak
C  is  for  Coral  clusters  of  life
D  is  for  Driftwood  by  the  waves  spliced
E  is  for  Emerald  green  seaweed
F  is  for  Fog  the  sailors  to  mislead
G  is  for  Golden  speckles  of  sun
H  is  for  Hurricane  the  destroyer  of  fun
I  is  for  Illumination  strung  along  the  Prom
J  is  for  Jewels  found  in  the  foam
K  is  for  Kelp  ribbons  of  sea  food
L  is  for  Limpet  unable  to  move
M  is  for  Moaning  on  the  wind
N  is  for  Neptune  God  of  the  water
 O is  for  Octopus  who  sprays  his  enemies  with  an  inky  splash
P  is  for  Pebbles  that  rattle  as  the  waves  lash
Q  is  for  the  Quest  of  the  adventurer
R  is  for  Roar  as  tide  reaches  shore
S  is  for  Salt, Sea  and  Storm
T  is  for  Tidal,  Torrents,  Thrust  home
U  is  for  Urchin  round  and  covered  in  poisonous  spikes
V  is  for  Vessel  dashed  on  the  rocks
W  is  for  Water  Beware  enticing  it  looks  but  danger  lurks there
X  is  in  Mix  of  River  and  Sea
Y  is  for  Yelling  “Save  me!”
Z  is  for  Zealous  the  wonderful  force of  the  untameable sea  riding on a white  horse 

Anne Ward

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  1. Absolutely loving "Lady Of The Moonlit Night" Angela. I can see it as an animation.


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