Thursday, 29 May 2014

Historic Fleetwood. Lighthouses three - but lots more to write about by the sea.

Workshop five of Walking on Wyre will take place in the Burton Room at The North Euston Hotel on Saturday 31st may.  We meet at 10:30am and after settling in, anyone who wants to take a stroll around this historic town will experience The Mount Pavillion - still standing proud as one of the best vantage points to see the view of the Lakeland mountains across Morecambe Bay.  The view from Top Hill was the inspiration for the layout of the Victorian town plan, the brainchild of Peter Hesketh Fleetwood and the architect Decimus Burton. 

As always, for those unable to take the walk, there are research books and pamplets in the workroom to keep you occupied. I hope that some participants will come across on the ferry to join in the fun. Please dress for the weather, layers and suitable footwear. There will be a break for lunch - packed or cafe,  as you like and the day will end at 4.30 pm.

Three lighthouses were built to secure safe passage into the harbour.  They are still here: two magnificent monuments to Decimus Burton and 
The Wyre Light, a skeletal remnant of better days.  

"And as the evening darkens, lo! how bright, 
Through the deep purple of the twilight air, 
Beams forth the sudden radiance of its light 
   With strange, unearthly splendor in the glare!"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

About the workshop with Adele Robinson

"It is my love of structure and order that drew me to tutor my own workshop in Fleetwood, for me the jewel in the crown of Wyre. This is where the River Wyre greets the Irish Sea and two great waters dance together in celebration to the backdrop of magnificent buildings. 

Our Walking on Wyre journey from Garstang along the Wyre Way to this point has been diverse in both landscape and personalities. At Fleetwood I hope to tap into the Victorian heritage of the town, her purpose then and her development into one of the Nation's greatest fishing ports.  More than that I want to inspire you all to look outwards and see Fleetwood not just as a giant of the past but as an exciting prospect for future generations to enjoy. 

I am current Wyre Poet in Residence and have enjoyed my research, getting to know the town and the people who live and work here. I hope that many of you will come along to the workshop to share your stories and let me tease out pieces that you will be proud to have published and perhaps perform at events later in the project. Other particpants will see the town through new eyes and perhaps we can fuse the two perspectives to create prose and poetry that will excite the reader for years to come." 

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