Tuesday, 27 May 2014

This week - double whammy! We have two of everything. Two events, two venues and two great creative writing tutors.

Iconic Rossall Point 

The next workshop is on Wednesday 28th May at Rossall Point.  Meet with Shaun Bookes in the car park at 1.30pm and take a short walk to this incredible building.  Wyre Coastal Rangers and volunteers will be on hand to steer participants through using the telescopes and if you are unable to use the stairs, a camera is linked to a TV monitor so that you can share the viewing experience. Weather permitting we will walk on the beach a little.  It always very windy at the point, so please wear extra layers and suitable footwear.  There is a seating area inside for a warm drink and the writing workshop.  The perfect spot to watch the tide roll in before we finish at 4.30pm.

About Shaun's Workshop

"Just down the coast from where the Wyre meets the sea, we're gathering at Rossall Point. With the wonderful views across the shoreline, the rooftop webcam and the assortment of migratory birds we'll be taking a chance to reflect on the journey of the river as it reaches its destination. To get the creative mind going we'll be taking a short walk along the promenade and then, just as the breakers control the tide, there will be several starter tasks to ease participants in. Making use of the wonderfully positioned viewing station the aim is to then create poetry in celebration of the surroundings, taking into account all of the sensory factors that can pass us by on such a rich and diverse coastline with its many differing stories and features. Workshop participants will be encouraged to forge their initial ideas onto paper before exploring their piece further and honing it into a tide polished piece."

Many of the photographs used on this site were commissioned by Walking on Wyre and taken by Barry McCann. 

Rossall Beach
Enquiries to Adele - walkingwyre@gmail.com

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  1. Wish I could make, looks like a great project. Well done everyone.


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