Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Well England may be coming home but the Walking on Wyre team are still going strong!

Wardley’s Creek I

Boats, ducks, hedges,
Birds, lanes, flowers,
Sail, quack, creak,
Chirp, wind, perfume.

Wardley’s Creek II

Hippos Wanted -
Mud berths available.

Marian Frizwell

Greek Iconic Pillar

What I have seen!
Since 1841 - indeed.
Majesty has walked beside me, visitors from overseas.
A pauper rested his head upon my base,
brought down to bended knees.
Ornate and gilded ladies, feather hatted in attire,
frock-coated gentlemen, dressed starchly to inspire.
Hand in hand children laughing with suntanned faces,
coming in together for high tea, set out in formal places. 

What I have seen!
These many years, standing still and silent here.
Wars have raged, then skies gone clear
but myself unchanging through the years.
Gone , the once effervescent clientele,
giving way to dancers, jazz players and brides.
I watch the inside and the out - the change of time and tides.

Kathleen Curtiss


Little Brown Job
A sand martin over wintering in Africa,
   About to make a journey
   The route sat-nav’d into him before he fledged
   The time chosen by natural happenings
Storm in the Atlantic
   Separated from the flock
   Takes refuge on a three-masted sailing tree
   Picks insects off ropes to regain strength
   To carry on alone
White cliffs of Dover and northward
   To the River Wyre at Garstang
   Still alone
   No other Martins in sight
   Has his sat-nav malfunctioned?
   Surely this is where he was fledged.
Upstream at Scorton he finds his flock
   They have moved
   A mystery – why – known only to them
   Like the mystery of migration itself.
Courageous little brown job
   No longer alone.
   Welcome back to Wyre.
Pat Ashcroft

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