Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wonderful poetry and prose has flowed from your pens as we have walked along the Wyre river.

Wyre Sprung
Slantwise, sunlight beams a spring greeting,
blazing a trail
into cold-hearted winter,
stabbing in ritual remedy,
a letting for new life;
stirring this dusty-dry, sunken-slow sleeping world
out of its lethargy
into dancing green generation. 

Sweetened by showers,
hawthorn and campion burst into confusions of joy,
bluebells and daffodils ring out,
blossoms float on wind-tide resuscitation,
the blanched rime of sickness thrown off
in a flash,
in this flush of timely fresh fever.
Welcome quick-coursing spring
to the banks of the Wyre.
Steve Rowland


Brine slushed sand dancing,
sensual sea swirl. Turning
  tide leaves hard, flat plain.
                 Heather Taylor

   Water’s   whirlpools  waves  weave
     The  River  Wyre with  the
        Salty spraying Irish sea
           Foaming  fizzing
             Flowing  ever
                  Ever free.
                   Anne  Ward

Release the Sea
Tide brushes empty shoreline
With an unspoken whisper
Shroud of night falling
Only sound colours the dark
Alone on a sandbank
The sea witch casts circle
Sirens rising to her summons
A seal baying to the moon.
Barry McCann


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